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A lawyer’s fee for legal services is governed by contract with the client and depends on the value and complexity of the case. Fees may be negotiated either a fixed amount, an hourly rate or, in exceptional cases share the outcome of the case
Unless otherwise agreed fee , a lawyer shall pay the minimum amount specified for the type of cases lawyers’ tariff, ie the Ministry of Justice Decree No. 177/1996 Coll . on remuneration and compensation of advocates for the provision of legal services.
Pay rate is always designated as the ” act of legal services .” Legal act , according to the legal rate shall apply:
a) receipt and preparation of legal representation or defense
b ) the first meeting with the client , including receipt and preparation of representation or defense
c ) further consultation with the client in excess of one hour ,
d ) written submission to the court or other authority on the merits,
e ) participation during investigations in pre-trial proceedings , and it started every two hours ,
f ) a study of the file at the end of the investigation, each started two hours ,
g ) participation in the act of government or authority , participation in proceedings before a court or other authority , and it started every two hours ,
h ) drafting a legal analysis of the case ,
i) negotiations with the counterparty , and it started every two hours ,
j ) an application for interim measures , if there is to it prior to the start of proceedings , appeals against decisions on interim measures and the responses ,
k) appeal , appeal , application for a retrial or appeal against a decision on an application for a retrial and the responses ,
l ) initiated a complaint for violation of the Act and observations on the complaint for violation of the law ,
m ) the writing instrument of legal action.
Contract fee of one- half of the provision of legal services includes for each of the following legal services:
a) the application for interim measures , if there is to it after its initiation , the design of proof or heritage
b ) a proposal to fix the decision to eliminate the consequences of a missed period and to amend the sentencing to perform in the future benefits payable or payment in installments ,
c ) an appeal against the decision , unless the decision on the merits, and the expression of such appeal ,
d ) proposals and complaints in cases in which decisions are made in a public meeting , and express to them, with the exception of the appeal , the application for a retrial for complaints about violations of the law ,
e ) in the case of enforcement , the first meeting with the client, including representation of acceptance and preparation for the drafting of the document instituting the proceedings , expressing the proposal , representation in negotiations and drafting of appeals against decisions
f ) participation in a trial in which there was only a ruling ,
g ) participation in the preparation of negotiations 1d)
The rate of non-contractual bonuses for one act of legal services make the tariff value
to 500 CZK 300 CZK
Over 500 CZK 1,000 to CZK 500 CZK
over 1,000 CZK 5,000 to CZK 1,000
over 5,000 CZK 10,000 to CZK 1500 CZK
over 10,000 CZK 200,000 to CZK 1,500 and CZK 40 per every 1,000 CZK , of which the value exceeds CZK 10,000
over CZK 200,000 to CZK 10 .000.000 9.100 CZK 40 and CZK per every 10,000 CZK , of which the value exceeds CZK 200,000
over 10 .000.000 CZK 48.300 CZK 40 per every 100,000 CZK , of which the value exceeds CZK 10 million
Lower prices for services not in accordance with professional regulations CBA client charge . However, the client , a lawyer may give a discount of up to 30% of the legal rate . The amount of any rebate will always depend on the complexity and scope of the case.
If the price negotiated with the client on time rate , then the base price in matters of business is 900 , – CZK + VAT and in other cases 750, – CZK + VAT for each additional half hour.
When representing clients in civil proceedings against the counterparty are charged a flat cost of legal services by the Ministry of Justice Decree No. 484/2000 Coll .
The exact amount of our fees and the deposit you always We will inform in advance .